Is there anything preventing me from renting a Car?

We run your name through a website, https://courtindex.sdcourt.ca.gov/CISPublic/namesearch and we check for a criminal record. If something comes back matching your name and birth year, we reserve the right to refuse service. Thank you for your understanding.

Rental Options

How much for a Daily Car Rental?

$35-$50, Depending on Year, Make, Model, and Availability

How much for a Week Car Rental?

$175-$250, Depending on Year, Make, Model, and Availability

How much for a Monthly Car Rental?

$575-$700, Depending on Year, Make, Model, and Availability


How much to add Insurance?

$10/Daily, $50 Weekly, and $100 Monthly

What Does Your Insurance Cover?

The vehicle has Limited Liability as Required By the State of California and Collision. There is a Deductible of $750 that You Will be Responsible for any damages to the vehicle while it was in Your Possession.

Do I have to use your Insurance?

No, if you’d like to use your own coverage please provide Proof of Insurance.

How much to Add an Additional Driver?

The First Diver is Free, any Additional Driver will be $5 a day.


Do you charge a Deposit?

Yes, $300 if using a Credit Card or $500 if using Debit or Cash.

What is the Deposit for?

Tickets, over mileage, Refuel cost, violating rules, partial of the Deductible, etc.

When is the Deposit Returned?

We release the deposit 10 business days after the vehicle has been returned.

San Diego County

Can I leave San Diego County?

No sorry, we are a small business and the vehicles may only be used in San Diego County. We Might Make an exception for Temecula, Ca, as long as you pay $50 and are only traveling there for one day, and only to Temecula, Ca.

What is considered San Diego County?

As far North as Camp Pendleton, as far South as the United States/Mexico Border, as far West as the Roads leading to the Pacific Ocean will take you, and as far East as Boulevard, CA.

Fuel and Mileage

Do I have Unlimited Miles?

No sorry, our mileage cap is: 100/daily, 700/weekly, and 2,000/Monthly and each mile past that is .25 cents a mile.

How much Fuel do I have to Return the Vehicle with?

On the contract it will specify the amount of Fuel on check out and it will need to be returned with the same amount on check in.


Where can I drop the Vehicle off?

If we have a Parking Space in front of our office, please park there. Do not block the Drive-way, park down the hill or park in a spot designated Massage. If no spaces are available please park the vehicle at Ralphs and drop the Key in the Mail Slot of our Front Door.

Are there any Other Fees?

Yes, for Cleaning returned vehicles ranging from: $0-$150 for the severity of the cleaning needing to be done. $100 for Leaving San Diego County or for tampering with the GPS Unit in the Vehicle. $150 for a Sensible Employee to retrieve a vehicle from the Impound Lot. $75 for leaving a returned vehicle in the middle of the Driveway or Down the Hill into our Neighbors Property. $15 admin fee for tickets/moving violations incurred in our vehicles if not paid before car returned.

In case of an Emergency who Do I Contact?

Please see our Contact Us Page for more Info, or Refer to the copy of your Signed Contract Page 2 Agreement

For Any Additional Questions Please Call/Message us at 619-796-6610 or Email Us [email protected]