Passenger Van Rental



Ever wish you could buy extra space to insert in your vehicle like you can buy extra storage for your computer? OurSan Dpsg van rentaliego passenger van rentals are the easy solution for all of those tight situations you may find yourself in. Whether you need to transport your high school class or Little League team, we have a reliable passenger 11 passenger van rental or 15 passenger van rental that will get everyone to your destination, hassle free!

At Sensible Car Rental we provide you with quality transportation that meets your unique needs at cheap, affordable prices. Stop blowing your budget on overpriced passenger van rentals in San Diego and try going the Sensible way.

Whether you are traveling with your church group or tennis team, our passenger van rentals will provide you with the space you need. Our 15 passenger van rentals are the largest passenger van rental option we offer. With plenty of head clearance, foot room, and extra storage room under the seats, they are sure to fit your entire crew and their luggage! Call us at 619-796-6610 to reserve your 15 passenger van rental in San Diego today.